Port Facility Security Training

Port Facility Secuiry Officer - PFOS


Blueprint, the training wing of SecuriGroup is now able to provide Ports Facility Security Officer (PFSO) training using a trainer approved by the Maritime and Transport Security (MTS) division, formerly TRANSECT at the Department for Transport (DfT).

The aim of the training is to provide an appointed PFSO with the knowledge and skills they need to comply with the rules and regulations set out in the International Ship and Port Facility Code (ISPS Code). The training is required by the PFSO to operate at a port facility. The definition of a 'port facility' includes areas such as anchorages, waiting berths and approaches from seaward.

Our course is of 3 days duration and can be carried out at Blueprint's training facilities in Edinburgh or Glasgow or at a venue of our client's choice.

The course utilizes DfT training materials and features guest inputs from SecuriGroup senior management with counter-terrorism and intelligence backgrounds.

The cost per student depends on the numbers involved and other overheads incurred.

Contact for further details.

0141 225 3848 or email us and anyone of the Blueprint Team will be delighted to assist.