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IOSH Managing Safely
Start Date
August 29th, 2020

Saturday 29th Sunday 30th and Saturday 5th September 9am till 5pm each day


What is Virtual/Live Learning? Your course will be delivered over the internet real-time and face-to-face with the trainer. You will be able to participate in lessons, ask questions, talk to other participants etc as you would have done in a physical in-class course. The quality of the lessons and training will not be any different from what you would have experienced in-class.

The benefits of delivering the course with Live Learning include the need not to travel and avoid the risk of coronavirus transmission.

You will need either a computer/laptop/tablet with a camera or a webcam

Setting up your space for virtual learning:

When attending an online class, you should work in a physical space that will allow you to focus on the class and participate without distracting your classmates and instructor(s).

- Work in a quiet room, with minimal background noise and distractions.

- Have with you, a pen and some paper to take notes.

Who is Managing Safely for?

Managing Safely is designed for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organisation worldwide. They won’t suddenly become safety experts – but they’ll get up-to-speed on the practical actions they need to take, and gain the knowledge and tools to tackle the safety and health issues they’re responsible for. Importantly, Managing Safely makes a powerful case for safety and health being an integral part of day-to-day management and business.

What does the business get?

Peace of mind from the training that’s designed and quality-controlled by the Chartered body for safety and health professionals, IOSH

Managing Safely covers:

* Assessing risks
* Controlling risks
* Understanding responsibilities
* Understanding hazards
* Investigating incidents
* Measuring performance

Successful delegates are awarded an IOSH Managing Safely certificate.

What results can be expected on staff completing the IOSH managing safely course?

* Greater productivity, from fewer hours lost due to sickness and accidents
* Improved company-wide safety awareness culture and appreciation of safety measures
* Active staff involvement to improve the workplace
* Enhanced reputation within your supply chain


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